PCC 50th Anniversary

The 2011-2012 Academic year was Portland Community College’s 50th anniversary, 50 years of opportunity | Then. Now. Always. As one of the four design interns for the Marketing department, I had to work closely with Academic and Service departments to create an illustration for a banner representing their skills, classes, and goals. The PCC diamond was to remain the same size and location, although there was some flexibility as long as the diamond was still recognizable. These banners were printed at 36in X 36in. They were displayed at inservice projects and at the 2012 graduation. The designs were used for cap decorations and there was the option of having them printed on coffee mugs, shirts, and a few other items. Go to the PCC Opportunity Website to see more Diamond Pride, the diamonds from the other interns, and more information on how PCC celebrated 50 years of opportunity. Or click HERE to go directly to the department banners.

50th printedbanner printedbanner2 me