Here is a sample of how I like to work through my design problems. A lot of clients are interested in seeing the process of a designer and in getting involved in a deeper level with the development of a solution to a design problem, rather then providing and problem and waiting for the solution from the designer. I have a great appreciation for people who are active in the process, just don't forget that a designer has a reason and purpose to almost everything the do in their designs.

Things Fall Apart

These first set of images are patterns I developed based off of african jewlery and pottery for the Things Fall Apart book cover project.

Things Fall Apart pattern Things Fall Apart pattern 2 Things Fall Apart pattern 3 Things Fall Apart pattern 4


Next are a set of thumbs for the Mexica project.

Logo thumbs set 1 Logo thumbs set 2 Packaging thumbs 1 Packaging thumbs 2 Packaging thumbs 3 Packaging thumbs 4 Packaging thumbs 5 Menu thumbs 1 Menu thumbs 2